Tried & Tested: Gelli Baff by Zimpli Kids

These two lucky sausages were gifted some amazing goodies by Zimpli Kids to try including; Gelli Baff, Slime Baff, Snoball Play and Crackle Baff and we couldn’t wait to get testing! Bella was desperate to try the Gelli Baff first, so the girls changed into their cosi’s (matching of course), we filled up the bath, sprinkled the Gelli Baff powder and watched as it worked it’s magic. The bathroom was filled with excited squeals as the bath water turned into Swamp Green Goo.

Bella had the biggest smile on her face the whole way through. She got the giggles when she first got in as it felt “really squishy between her toes”. Flo on the other hand was a tad freaked out and had one leg raised the whole entire time she was in the bath, she looked liked a frazzled Flamingo.

The Gelli Baff by Zimpli Kids is simply brilliant. It’s stain free, kind on sensitive skin and it’s 100% degradable, so it’s perfect for messy and sensory play. I’m probably not the only Mum that is filled with dread at the thought of messy play, so the Gelli Baff is the perfect solution. You simply pour the Gelli Bath Powder gently and evenly into the water and when you’ve finished playing, simply pour the Gelli Baff dissolver into the bath to turn the goo back to liquid.

Whilst Bella was having the time of her life squelching and splashing around in goo, Flo aka The Menace (new nickname) was creating her own fun. I turn my back for two seconds and she managed to throw a whole pack of baby wipes down the loo and filled up the bath with every bath toy known to man, including a few items of clothing, luckily they were Daddy’s . You seriously can’t take your eyes off that child!

I would highly recommend this product! It contains no harmful chemicals, it’s made in the UK and it’s also environmentally safe, so it ticks a lot of boxes! Bella had so much fun and she played in the bath for over half an hour. Bella is keen to try the SnoBall Play next, so watch this space for our next Tried & Tested Blog. Check out their website

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