Tried & Tested: SnoBall Play by Zimplikids


This morning was the perfect time to try the amazing SnoBall Play kindly sent to us by Zimplikids. Bella was extremely excited to wake up to the teeniest amount of snow this morning, so we all wrapped up warm and were out playing in the garden by 9am (Check us out). The SnoBall Play is so quick & easy to make, which is great because we all know how short a Toddler’s attention span is.

Simply pour the bag of SnoBall powder into a deep bowl, add the required amount of water and start mixing thoroughly with your hands, and you’ll feel the mixture thickening up. Once it’s ready, start rolling your SnoBalls and voila, the fun begins. If your snow isn’t sticking very well, simply add some more water.

I was so shocked and amazed at how much the SnoBall Play actually looks like real snow. It has a soft and squishy texture and you can make snowballs over and over again, just make sure you top up the water. The SnoBall Play by Zimplikids makes the perfect sensory play activity; It contains no harmful chemicals, it’s kind on the skin and its environmentally safe.

Bella had a blast throwing SnoBalls at Flo and I, whilst yelling at the top of her voice “SNOWBALL FIGHT”, I bet the neighbours loved that-oops! Flo on the other hand was not the tiniest bit impressed. She slipped over a few times on the ice, so she really wasn’t in the mood to have SnoBalls lobbed at her. Look at that face, if looks could kill.

Bella literally played in the garden with the SnoBall Play for hours. Her Dinosaurs had their very own “Snow Swimming Pool”and at one point the SnoBall Play mix was Fish Pie for the Dinosaurs dinner. I love activities that encourage kids to use their imagination. The SnoBall Play would make the perfect Tuff Spot Tray activity, you could create a snowy adventure with Antarctic Animals.

What’s really great about Zimplikids products is that encourages your kids to play together and also provides fun activities for the whole family. Although it was a tad early and I didn’t even have time to dry my hair, hence my silly hat, I really loved having fun with the girls and watching them explore something new. Next on our list is Slime Baff, Bella is super excited to try it! Check out Zimplikids website

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