Snow Day


We’re having a ‘home’ day today. It’s far too cold to go and about and the girls (mainly Bella) has such a busy week with Pre-School, dance class, Gymboree and fitting in play dates when we can, so it’s actually really nice and refreshing to stop the World and get off for a day. The snow has pretty much melted in Twells, Thank God, I prefer a warmer climate.

Having a day at home gave the girls the chance to make Daddy’s Valentine’s Day card. Flo really enjoyed writing Daddy a message but she definitely enjoyed eating the crayons more. She didn’t appreciate Mummy painting her foot to make the Footprint heart.

I got the girl’s Treasure Sensory Basket out and they had fun playing together. Flo is cutting a bottom Molar so she really enjoyed chewing on everything. The girls do still love their Treasure Sensory Basket and I’ve got a few more bits to add soon to help keep things interesting. I’ll share them soon.

Bella also had a Slime Baff this morning (blog coming tomorrow), so all in all we’ve had a productive but lazy day! We are off to Jump In Trampoline Park tomorrow to let the girls burn off some energy. I hope you’re all having a good weekend!

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