Tried & Tested: Slime Baff by Zimpli Kids


I promised Bella a Slime Baff this weekend and she’s literally been counting down the days. We were gifted a few goodies from Zimpli Kids to try and their amazing Slime Baff was next on the list. Bella didn’t stop giggling the whole way through as she kept slipping and sliding.

The girls faces were priceless when they first saw the Red Slime. Red is Bella’s absolute favourite colour, so she was already won over and excitedly screamed that “it was her best bath ever”. The bathroom also smelt of Strawberries, which excited Bella even more as she “loves Strawberries”.

The Slime Baff by Zimpli Kids is so much fun! It’s so gooey and feels like proper slime. Be warned if you’re using the Slime Baff for younger babies, it is very slippery. Flo didn’t like the fact that she couldn’t stand up, she looked like she was standing on ice.

Bella thought it was hilarious. She was literally one with the slime and had a nice slimey lie-down, soaking her freshly washed hair. I was extremely optimistic in thinking she would keep her hair dry.

Bella really enjoyed her Slime Baff or shall I say Volcano Lava, her Dinosaurs also had lots of fun splashing around in the Red Slime. (speaking of Dinosaurs, how cute is Bella’s sun safe costume from Mini Club at Boots). We will definitely stock up on more Zimpli Kids products, they truly are brilliant and make the perfect rainy day activity.

Crackle Baff is our last Zimpli Kids product to try, so watch this space for our Tried & Tested blog soon. If you haven’t already I definitely recommend that you check out Zimpli Kids

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