Little Miss Chatterbox


Who else has a child that babbles approximately 50,000 words before Breakfast? Anyone? Before I had a three-year-old that could talk the back legs off a Donkey, I never knew just how exhausting talking could be. Bella really is a Little Miss Chatterbox.

Most days I can roll with it. Respond when I’m supposed to, make the right noises and try and get a word in edgeways, sideways or anyways. But some days I find it really draining. It’s almost like a form of torture, being talked at as soon as you open your eyes, right until that moment you say Goodnight and do a little jig because you can finally have 5 minutes to yourself-or is that just me?!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely proud of Bella and the little girl she is growing up to be. She’s incredibly bright, has the best imagination and her vocabulary for her age is fantastic (her new word is clambered), but sometimes a Mama just needs two minutes peace. I’d even settle for one minute.

I sometimes pretend that I need to go to the loo to escape the fountain of chatter, but the girls always seem to find me. One afternoon, bath & bedtime was near, Bella was firing words left, right and centre without pausing for air and I literally couldn’t take it anymore, so I hid at the side of my bed in the dark (not my finest Mummy moment). I could still here them playing in Bella’s room so I knew they were ok and it took them a whole 10 minutes to find me-bliss!

I fear her Sister Flo is going to be exactly the same. She jibber jabbers at me whilst wagging her finger. God knows what I’m being told off for. I think when Flo starts to talk continuously I’m going to take up Yoga and Meditation, I may be there in body but my mind will be on a tropical beach somewhere sipping cocktails.

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