Valentine’s Day Tuff Spot Ideas


This Mama was out out last night and is nursing a sore head, so I decided to drag the Tuff Spot Tray out and set up an activity that the girl’s could play (quietly) together. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I set up a Valentine’s themed Tuff Spot Tray. The girls both loved exploring the different textures and shapes. I couldn’t quite face messy play today but they had just as much fun.

I’ve been gathering lots of Red & Pink objects for the past couple of weeks. This Valentine’s Day Tuff Spot Tray includes; Feathers, Pom Poms, Heart Foam Shapes and two different fabrics from Hobby Craft, Heart Cookie Cutters, present ribbons, heart themed ribbon and Red Sensory Scarves from Amazon, Heart Bouquet from Little Love Makes (Instagram) and Felt Balls from Carla’s Treasures (Instagram). Once you’ve gathered all the bits & bobs, putting together a Tuff Spot Tray is so easy.

Tuff Spot Trays are a great way to encourage Toddlers and babies to develop and practice those all important fine motoring skills. Flo spent ages pushing objects through the Heart Shape Cookie cutters and working out what fitted and what didn’t. She also really enjoyed exploring the different textures and eating them.

Tuff Spot Trays are also a great way to teach colours and shapes and themes such as the Weather, Seasons, Countries, Animals, the possibilities really are endless. I’m definitely going to create more Tuff Spot Tray activities for the girl’s. I’m going to start collecting bits for an Easter themed tray. I think I secretly enjoy it more than they do!

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