Happy 1st Birthday MamaDoIt Blog


It’s MamaDoIt Blog’s first Birthday! Seriously where has that year gone? I don’t know how you’ve all put up with my rambling for so long. A big Thank You to all my lovely followers and also to those who actually take time to read and comment on my blog posts, I really do appreciate it.

I’ve had so much fun blogging this past year. It’s the best kind of therapy for when I’ve had a crappy day! I also love the fact that my blog acts as a memory bank. I’m sure the girls are going to thank me one day for all those embarrassing photos & moments that I’ve shared.

This year I plan on writing more Tried & Tested reviews, to give you parents a heads up before you buy products. Introduce you to more small businesses that sell amazing baby products. There are so many fab, small businesses on Instagram, that none of you have heard of and they are mostly run by Mums.

The girls are really enjoying sensory & messy play at the moment, so I plan to create more Tuff Spot Trays for them and get back onto Arts & Crafts with Bella-I’ve definitely been slacking in that department. I also want to do more baking and cook new foods for the girls to try. Lastly I want to give you detailed reviews on Day’s Out, I don’t know about you, but I always want to get the low-down on a place before I visit.

Is there anything in particular that you guys would like me to Blog about? As well as all of these ideas and plans of action, I’ve got my own project in mind and I’m setting myself the challenge of writing and self-publishing a Children’s Book! Writing has always been a passion of mine so why not try and create my own business around one of the things I love the most?

It’s very early days and I’ve got a long way to go but I plan to keep you all updated. Thanks again for all your support! Lots of virtual love to you all!

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