Family Music Class at Gymboree Play & Music

The amazing, brand new Family Music class at Gymboree Play & Music officially launched in Tunbridge Wells today and it was fab! The class was fast paced, high energy and the girls were thoroughly entertained throughout the whole class. There was never a dull moment. Like the usual Gymboree Play & Music classes, the new Family Music class will change theme every two weeks, keeping your little on their toes.

This lovely new class is great for children of all ages, so it’s very handy if you have a baby and older sibling as there’s something for everyone. The main ethos of this class is to have fun and for your little ones to express themselves through music in their own individual way. There are no strict rules, just a loving and fun atmosphere.

This weeks theme was Diva’s! So the children had lots of fun bashing, tapping and dancing to classic hits from Diana Ross and Shania Twain, it beats Row Row Row Your Boat any day! Flo released her inner Diva (not that it was well hidden in the first place) and became very precious if I dared touch her Wave Drum. She even bashed her Sister a couple of times with a Rhythm Stick.

At the Family Music class your little ones can expect to; make new friends, explore and play with lots of different instruments, dance, learn about rhythm and movement, explore a variety of sounds and pitches, learn about teamwork, spend quality time with family and most importantly to have heaps of fun. The girls loved it so much that I’ve signed up every week. There is also 45 minutes of Free Gym straight after the class, which is an added bonus!

I love the fact that the Family Music class kept within the same style and structure as the girls normal Gymboree class. The Teacher’s Lucy & Rosie start the class the same way and they sing certain songs to let the children know when it’s time to move on to the next thing. I also love just how much Lucy and her team love the kids, they are so brilliant with them. They’re always patient and encourage the kids to try and explore new things.

If you’re looking for a new and fun way to entertain your little ones, you seriously need to check out Family Music at Gymboree Play & Music. For more information or to book your free trial email: or call Lucy on 01892 525279 or visit

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