Prettier Playmats by Toddlekind


I don’t know about you but I’m an absolute sucker for accessories. There’s nothing I love more than a perfect finishing touch. When it comes to nursery’s, children’s room and a playrooms, it can be so easy to get carried away, because we really are spoilt for choice. I’ve recently come across an amazing business called Toddlekind, they produce the most stunning, high quality playmats that can instantly transform any room.

We were kindly gifted a playmat by ToddleKind and it really is beautiful. These pretty playmats have been inspired by geometric lines of Scandinavian interiors to give you a unique patchwork tile effect. They are made from toxic free foam, which is very handy if you’re housing a baby shark, not mentioning any names…Flo and they are so comfy to sit or lay on.

As you all know from previous blogs, Bella has a new midsleeper bed with a tent underneath. I wanted to create a little girl den, for the girls to take themselves off to read or play. I’m still adding finishing touches (less is never more) but the playmat fits perfectly and it really adds that extra special touch. Because it’s made of high quality foam it’s very cosy and it’s also wipeable, which is a god send because it protects the carpet when the girls decide to sneak a snack upstairs.

These mats aren’t just designed for children’s rooms, they are totally multifunctional. You can use them as a yoga mat or even as an alternative to a rug. They are so comfy and super stylish that I would choose one of these playmats over a rug any day. It’s such a genius idea to have a mat that not only ticks all of your interior design needs, but it also gives peace of mind that your little one is protected when they have the odd tumble or two.

There are eight designs to choose from and the mats also come in three different sizes. I chose the Vintage Nude Mat from the Nordic Collection. I love how girly it is and it fits into Bella’s room perfectly. If you haven’t heard of Toddlekind before I totally recommend that you check them out on

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